2006 BMW M3 with ZCP and IB

We have a nice 1-owner 2005 E46 M3 ZCP Competition Package for sale. Has only with 76,9xx miles and the SMG transmission. From the 1-owner:

List of recent maintenance/repairs:

-Differential reseal, flush and refill with the factory SAF-XJ+FM Booster fluid.

-Subframe was thoroughly inspected at the time of the differential service. Clean from any cracking.

-VANOS checked upon replacing the valve cover gasket which involved a computerized test, visual inspection, new solenoid seals and new filter.

-SMG hydraulic pump was replaced in 2017 with the updated part # 21532229715 (I can provide the receipt upon request).

-Motul 10w60 oil change, spark plugs, air intake filter, cabin filter and fuel filter replaced a few days prior to listing.

The bad:

-The driver’s front fender was keyed and requires a paint job. 

A pre purchase inspection is welcomed at your expense. Owner is asking @22,900.00 which is a fair price for a vehicle with these options, upkeep and miles.

 For further questions call the owner at 770-814-15 seven seven.

See the free Carfax: