BMW M5 Sedan for Sale- 2008 w/Gloss Red Wrap

The customized look to this 2008 BMW M5 shows the care and interest the previous owner had in their car. The car has electrifying performance written all over it and the diagnostics of the car can back that up. The M5 has been described as the top of its class while being labeled with characteristics such as muscular, precise, and rocket like. The thrilling V-10 power gives the car the boost it craves while racing through all types of terrain. The best part of the car can actually be delivered through the handling and braking, which has been compared to that of a supercoupe. Bottomline, this car is a gem due to its a crisp throws, perfectly arranged pedals, and surprisingly smooth clutch engagement.

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2008_BMW_M5_Frontangle 2008_BMW_M5_backangle 2008_M5_interior 2008_M5_Dashboard